Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

John called me 30 times wanting to spend time with me. This was his mothers weekend and he did not want to stay with her. He called Friday and his mom said no. I had an invitation to a birthday party on Saturday at a water park and his mom said he could go. Then when she found out that I was going with Mari she said no. I then arranged to spend Monday with John. We went to a cook out for 3 hours and then came back to my house and spent the remaining afternoon and evening togther. When it was time for bed he wanted to go to his mothers. I agreed that it would be a good idea since he was stressed out. She then called me and starting lecturing me so I hung up.

This is a woman who has a restraining order on me, but continues to call me and lash out. Last Monday May 21, 2007 I agreed to go to a joint therapy session with her and during the session she attacked me with a spiral notebook. Is this a person who is afraid of me? My opinion is that she is using this court document to control the situation while at the same time using our children as an agents to gather information about my life.